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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Investment Needed for Proper Protection

Posted on by Phillip Lee

The Iranian abduction of 15 British Navy personnel last week has brought into sharp focus the daily dangers that our servicemen and women are undergoing…Read More »

Commit A Crime Then Get Help

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Drug addicts need help, not condemnation. They need to be understood, not locked up. It would follow, therefore, that to encourage crime amongst addicts would…Read More »

Comrade Gordon's Clunking Fist

Posted on by Phillip Lee

As with the late Russian dictator, the Chancellor’s regime has been characterised by its reliance on central planning, social engineering, suppression of debate and the…Read More »

Polly's Poor Defence of the Poor

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Polly Toynbee’s column in the Guardian today is a typical rant about uncaring Conservatives cutting local services to the poor. She also took time to…Read More »