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Noise mitigation must be a key component of Heathrow’s plans for the future

Posted on by Phillip Lee

I have long been a proponent of Heathrow expansion, based upon the economic benefits for my constituency, Bracknell, the Thames Valley region and the wider…Read More »

Why we must take politics out of healthcare

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Ed Miliband revealed that he wants to “weaponise the NHS” because he thinks he can use it to win votes in May’s General Election. This…Read More »

The NHS is collapsing under the weight of demand. We must think about how we pay for health care

Posted on by Phillip Lee

We rightly hold our national health service dear but are too often blind to its flaws. Over the last fortnight, the leaders of three important…Read More »

Only full-scale reform of our energy market will prevent endless price rises

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Britain’s energy market is broken. The most recent hike in prices is just the latest sign. There are more to come, and the unedifying thinking aloud…Read More »

The Autumn Statement must give small businesses confidence – not just cash

Posted on by Phillip Lee

With the notable exception of some banks, most businesses have coped remarkably well with the current economic turmoil. Yes, it’s true that a low growth…Read More »