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Only full-scale reform of our energy market will prevent endless price rises

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Britain’s energy market is broken. The most recent hike in prices is just the latest sign. There are more to come, and the unedifying thinking aloud…Read More »

The Telegraph: EDF chief accuses MP of ‘jingoism’ in row over nuclear subsidies

Posted on by Phillip Lee

A report on yesterday’s Energy Select Committee session on “Building new nuclear: the challenges ahead” was featured in the Telegraph on the 24th of October published by…Read More »

From the Chair – All-Party Parliamentary Environment Group

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Welcome to this latest newsletter which features the speech to the Group’s annual lunch in the summer from Justine Greening, the then Economic Secretary to…Read More »

On the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Flight – Why Now is the Time to Put a Briton in Space

Posted on by Phillip Lee

The sceptics about space have been wrong before. Can you imagine life without mobile phones and live sports coverage from around the world? Or more…Read More »

Science in Democracy

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Margaret Thatcher is rightly remembered for many things. Primarily, it is because she was the first female British Prime Minister. Of particular interest to me,…Read More »