Dr Phillip Lee MP visits Birdsgrove Care Home in Bracknell - Dr Phillip Lee MP - Caring for Bracknell Constituency
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Dr Phillip Lee MP visits Birdsgrove Care Home in Bracknell

Local MP, Dr Phillip Lee, paid a visit to Birdsgrove Nursing Home in Priestwood and Garth, Bracknell on Friday 22nd of February 2013. He met with owner, staff and resident constituents before taking a tour of the facilities.

Birdsgrove Care Home provides 24-hour nursing care for the elderly and is situated on the Warfield Village side of Bracknell. The home generally cares for older people with dementia. It accommodates 87 residents in 67 single and 10 shared rooms.

Residents can enjoy daily activities. There are opportunities to pursue hobbies and to help with gardening.

Dr Lee commented: “It was a great pleasure to visit the Birdsgrove Care Home in Priestwood and Garth. It provides a very homely atmosphere and allows its residents to pursue hobbies and several inspiring activities. I really enjoyed meeting the manager and staff, who are extremely friendly.”

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