New Minister looks to inspire the next political generation - Dr Phillip Lee MP - Caring for Bracknell Constituency
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New Minister looks to inspire the next political generation

Get stuck in!  That was the advice of local MP Phillip Lee to a group of students at Bracknell & Wokingham College recently.

It was the MP’s first visit to the college since he took up his ministerial role in the summer and he spoke to the group about his experience of balancing the duties of a minister with those of being a local MP.

In a wide-ranging speech, he touched on the election of the new US President, Donald Trump, and how this and the UK’s vote in the summer to leave the EU, reflected that some people, especially those previously involved in manufacturing, had been left behind by the extension of globalisation over recent years. However, he also brought the issue very close to home by outlining how the outsourcing of manufacturing to developing nations had been driven by our demand for cheaper clothing and the desire to reduce the fashion cycle to seasonal purchases.

B&W college

He praised many of the students who had attended the Remembrance Service for their involvement in the community and emphasised his belief that young people need to ‘get stuck in’.  In response to a question from recently elected Students’ Association President, Cameron Moreton, he stressed that under 30s need to become involved in politics, either actively or by voting at elections, if they are to ensure that their voices will be heard.

Afterwards, Campbell Christie, the Principal of the college said:

“As always Phillip spoke with conviction and answered our Students’ questions honestly and with good humour. “Life is there to be lived, it’s important to participate in society” and “get stuck into it” were messages that went down well – and with which I fully concur!”