Speaking to students at Easthmapstead Park School - Dr Phillip Lee MP - Caring for Bracknell Constituency
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Speaking to students at Easthmapstead Park School

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting Easthampstead Park School.

I very much enjoyed being shown some of the arts projects recently completed by the GCSE Class of ’17. I am pleased that most students plan to come back into the sixth form in the Autumn – there is some real talent there. It was also clear that the enthusiasm of the Head Teacher, Liz Cook, had rubbed off on them and their teachers.

This visit was organised before the General Election was called, but I really wanted to make sure that it still went ahead. I have stressed so often how important it is for young people to vote, regardless of who their vote is for.

Put quite simply, young people will be living with the consequences of the decisions made by MPs for longer than anyone else, and so it really is in their interests to have a say in who their elected representatives are. I was happy, then, when I was approached by two pupils who will be eligible for the first time on June 8th, and they said that they definitely intended to vote. I hope that many other young voters in the Bracknell constituency do, too.

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