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Statement – Terrorist Attack in Westminster

Posted on by Phillip Lee

“Parliament sits today as normal and people across London will continue to go about their business with a quiet determination not to be intimidated by the actions of those who seek to spread terror and inflict harm. This cowardly attack on wholly innocent people on Westminster Bridge, and the subsequent attempt to infiltrate Parliament, failed in large part because of the courageous actions of those tasked with keeping us safe.

My thoughts are particularly with the family and friends of PC Keith Palmer, the Police Officers injured, and all those affected by yesterday’s dreadful events. I pay tribute to our brave emergency and security services, and commend the professionalism with which they responded”

Donation to help Youth Twinning Exchange

Posted on by Phillip Lee

Last July, The Wayz youth club in Calfridus Way went with a group of young people as part of international exchange with a youth group from Bracknell’s twin town Leverkusen, to stay and explore the places and activities available to young people in Germany.

This Summer it is Bracknell’s turn to return the favour by welcoming a group from Germany, and to help them with that endeavour they have just received a donation from a group of Berkshire businesses.  The cheque for £500 was handed over on behalf of the Berkshire Business Network, by Dr Phillip Lee MP, who is its president.

The Wayz Cheque

Speaking afterwards, Dr Lee said:

“The modern concept of town twinning was conceived after the Second World War to help foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and sometimes former foes. 

“As Europe came together over the last 60 years, the idea of twinning has often fallen by the wayside.  However, the growth of nationalism in many European countries has shown that we must never become complacent. 

“I am delighted that The Wayz is helping to keep this project alive and that the Berkshire Business Network can, in its own small way, help them to build bridges with their counterparts in Europe.”