BROADMOOR REDEVELOPMENT ON TRACK - Dr Phillip Lee MP - Caring for Bracknell Constituency
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The Broadmoor hospital redevelopment is now approaching its completion, and last week Crowthorne’s MP, Dr Phillip Lee, was given a guided tour of the new facilities by the Chief Executive of the West London Mental Health Trust, Carolyn Regan.

What he saw were state-of-the-art facilities in everything from the security control room, through the recreation and rehabilitation rooms, to the new wards, each of which allow the patients to see into the surrounding gardens.

Patients have built some of the facilities, such as work-benches, and both they and their families have contributed to the artworks around the hospital.


Speaking afterwards, Dr Lee said:

“Broadmoor Hospital rightly has a world-class reputation in the area of mental health research.  The fact that a patient’s average stay is has been reduced to just six years is a testament to their groundbreaking work.

“The original hospital was built 150 years ago as part of a step-change in the treatment of the mentally ill within the criminal justice system.  This new facility builds upon that legacy and I am sure will keep this country at the forefront of such therapies for decades to come.”

Ms Regan commented:

“The new Broadmoor Hospital will greatly enhance the care and treatment we provide to some of the most mentally unwell patients we see.  It will provide a world leading and thoughtfully designed space for staff to work in and a safe and secure environment for treatment of some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“We hope that once open, local people will be proud to have such a fantastic hospital on their doorstep.”

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