Dr Phillip Lee | Statement – Bracknell Conservative Association Vote of ‘No Confidence’
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Statement – Bracknell Conservative Association Vote of ‘No Confidence’

This Vote of No Confidence has been inspired by one issue – Brexit has divided our nation for three years and could lead to a complete realignment of our political parties.

I have never been in any doubt that a majority of my Conservative Association’s membership have opposed my view on Brexit, mostly at the same time as agreeing with me that the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement would be bad for our country and should be rejected – as I have repeatedly done in Parliament.

However, as a Member of Parliament, I do not represent only the views of Conservative Association members. I do not even represent only the views of Conservative voters. Rather, I am elected to represent the best interests of everyone in the Bracknell constituency – young and old, of every political persuasion and none and including those of future generations who are still too young to vote.

The result of the referendum in 2016 showed that the people of the UK wished to leave the EU in a way that lives up to the promises of the Vote Leave campaign.  Every day that passes makes it clearer that the only way we can heal the rifts that have developed is for the Government to put back to the people one or more options for a legally and practically deliverable Brexit and ask if, now we know what is, in fact, deliverable, they wish to pursue Brexit or not.

In the future, I may or may not decide that I can continue serving as a Conservative Member of Parliament and the Bracknell Conservative Association may or may not decide that they wish to readopt me as the Conservative Party’s candidate. But one thing is for sure: we will not be forced into taking a decision one way or the other by this orchestrated, destructive campaign from outside the Party that has done nothing but spread hatred, intimidation and distrust over a single issue. That is not the Conservative way; it is not the Bracknell way.

Meanwhile, the people of the Bracknell constituency can rely on my absolute commitment to serving our area’s best interests in Parliament, without fear or favour, and then take into account my full record at the next General Election. 

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