Role of your MP - Dr Phillip Lee MP - Caring for Bracknell Constituency
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On my walkabouts in the Bracknell Constituency I have had many people ask me about my role as a Member of Parliament and what it entails. After I became the MP for Bracknell in May 2010 it is now my job to work in Parliament on behalf of all the people in the constituency. In broad terms, my responsibilities fall into three main groups: my constituents, Parliament and my political Party.

My role in the House of Commons is to scrutinise legislation, attend debates and committee meetings, and generally protect, advocate and promote the interests of Bracknell at a national level.

In the constituency, I support local community groups, publicise local issues and endeavour to help constituents’ resolve any issues they have. I can help with any issue over which Parliament, a central government department or an agency has responsibility. If a constituent comes to me with a problem I will deal with this by contacting the relevant department or official, writing to the Minister involved or making an appointment to see him personally. Many problems are solved through these means.

One of the Coalition Government’s key priorities is to localise decision making in domestic policies, and it is important to note that issues of planning, environment, housing allocation, schools and social services fall directly under the control of the local councils. I have already had the opportunity to work directly with the council on many of these issues and am impressed with the Councillors in Bracknell and the job they perform.

The role of an MP is everything I expected and much more. Daily, I work closely with a range of people, companies and institutions on a wide variety of issues. The diversity of the job is immensely rewarding and I look forward to working hard to ensure the best for everyone in Bracknell for many years to come.